The Dispositions for Effective Teaching Framework

Our Dispositions for Effective Teaching Framework (Figure 1 below), which is inspired by the work of Perkins (1995)[1] and Ritchhart (2002)[2] and draws upon the research of Entwistle (2009[3], 2012[4]) attempts to capture key thinking dispositions that we contend are essential for teachers ongoing professional learning, students’ learning in classrooms, and for effective learning in higher education contexts. The framework, and the descriptors we have developed for each disposition, creates a shared vocabulary related to thinking.

The dispositions underpin the development of professional learning activities set on-site in our partner schools. They enable us to make thinking visible through documentation and inform strategies for learning, feedback and assessment.

  • Dispositions for Effective Teaching
    • Understand
    • Demonstrate
    • Document
    • Receive Feedback
    • Enhance
    • People Centred
      • Caring
      • Communicative
      • Collaborator
    • Critically Attentive
      • Observant
      • Questioning
      • Curious
    • Reflective
      • Metacognitive
      • Self-directed
      • Ethical
    • Creative
      • Open
      • Imaginative
      • Problem Solver
    • Strategic
      • Organised
      • Data Wise
      • Responsive
Figure 1: Dispositions for Effective Teaching Framework

Download the Dispositions and Descriptors  (435Kb)

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